Before I Sleep I Say Thank You, by Carol Ekster (hardcover)

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With bright and playful illustrations, Before I Sleep: I Say Thank You uses a simple bedtime story to help children develop a nightly habit of prayer and gratitude. Before I Sleep takes readers through the nighttime routine of one little boy with his mother. As they reflect on the day, he recalls both things that he could have done better and blessings throughout his day.With its roots in the Examen prayer, Before I Sleep takes you through a bedtime ritual that is common to many religions. Children are encouraged to think about their day and consider both what they could have done better and all the good things that happened that day. Before I Sleep: I Say Thank You begins with a note "For Grown-ups" that touches on the Examen prayer and suggests ways to start forming the habit of gratitude and prayer at the end of the day. The note is followed by a bedtime story which shows one family's nighttime prayer routine. The book ends with a simplified version of the Examen that gives young children an example of ways they can be grateful in their own lives. Ideal for children ages 4-8. Features & Benefits: Includes a parent page with more information Features a simple version of the Examen for children Introduces children to the practice of the Examen
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