Beloved: A Collection of Timeless Catholic Prayers, by Margaret Dvorak (paperback)

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Taking time for prayer can be a challenge among the distractions we face in what many are beginning to term ‰ÛÏthe digital age.‰Û Still, we all have a natural need for spiritual guidance, and it is prayer that fills the void in our hearts. The Church has a rich prayer life, and though we are always seeking new ways to interact with God, some of the ‰ÛÏcore‰Û prayers that have been taught through the centuries, can be rediscovered in our context today. Let us remember some of these traditional prayers with fondness while re-igniting and revitalizing our spirit of prayer through these timeless Catholic prayers.Beloved: A Collection of Timeless Catholic Prayers is a book of traditional catholic prayers with accompanying scriptures which help focus the reader while quieting their minds from outside distractions.
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