Brick by Brick: Building a Strong Family that won‰Ûªt Lose Their Faith in A Secular Culture, by The Regnier Family (paperback)

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Catholic parents who fear that their teens and adult children may leave the Faith will welcome Brick by Brick, the encouraging story of AndrÌ© and Ang̬le Regnier, whose five adult children don‰Ûªt merely continue to go to Mass but have all even become Catholic missionaries!Better yet, concerned parents will learn from these remarkable pages how they, too, can raise their children to have a similar personal relationship with Jesus, live their Faith dynamically, and have evangelistic hearts‰ÛÓeven while remaining ordinary, well-rounded, approachable people passionate about life in all its aspects. The Regnier parents are often asked, ‰ÛÏHow did you do it? How did you raise children who are so active in sharing and living their Faith?‰Û Here you‰Ûªll hear the answer from each member of the family, parents and children. From their many voices, real-life stories, and often amusing anecdotes emerge many wise principles and sure methods you can adapt to your own circumstances: family-proven best practices for raising children strong in the Faith.
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