Dovetail Ink: Holy Spirit Prayer All Occasion Cards (8pk, 8 envelopes)

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Often used as a Confirmation Prayer, these notecards feature a beautiful prayer to the Holy Spirit appropriate for any Christian, at any time: "O Holy Spirit of God, take me as your disciple. Guide me, Illuminate me, Sanctify me. Bind my hands, that they may do no evil. Cover my eyes, that they may see it no more. Sanctify my heart, that evil may not dwell within me. You are my God. You are my guide. Whatsoever you forbid me, I will renounce. And whatsoever you command me, in your strength I will do. Lead me then unto the fullness of your truth. Amen." This listing is for a set of 4 or 8 notecards, size A2 (invitation). A white envelope is included for each card. The original illustration was done using India ink pens and watercolors on cold press watercolor paper. It was masterfully hand-drawn by artist Monica Welch in Round Rock, Texas. Notecards are professionally printed by a small, locally owned print shop on bright white, 100lb paper.
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