Dovetail Ink: St. Catherine of Siena Prayer Illustration (11 x 14 print only)

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A completely hand-drawn illustration of A Prayer of St Catherine of Siena, "Lord, Take me from myself and give me to yourself." Masterfully done by illustrator/artist Monica Welch in Round Rock, Texas. From the Artist: “I was asked to illustrate a related St Catherine quote for a group of Catholic moms, and their meeting was quickly approaching. "St Catherine," I prayed, "I need to work on this but I have no idea what to draw." Immediately the image of overlapping hands popped into my brain! Thank you, St. Catherine! This second drawing, with one of her prayers, quickly followed - Love and Fire were images that often filled the mind of St. Catherine of Siena. Drawn by hand with India ink pens, color was dded with watercolor and art markers. The original was 11x14, and were created as a set of 2.” This print measures 8 x 10. It is printed on bright white, acid free, 100# paper. Each print is signed by the artist. No digital editing was employed— completely created by the hand of the artist.
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