Exalted: How the Power of the Magnificat Can Transform Us, by Sonja Corbitt (paperback)

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Bible Study Evangelista Sonja Corbitt, author of Unleashed and Fearless, struggled to understand Marian devotion as a new Catholic. But as the popular speaker and scripture teacher began to break open the Magnificat line by line, she found that Mary‰Ûªs song was not only something she sang but also something she became‰ÛÓan expression of God‰Ûªs loving and transforming power in the world.Combining her own story with an invitation to engage the scriptures through personal study and ‰ÛÏGod prompts,‰Û Corbitt will help readers unlock the treasures contained within Mary‰Ûªs song to her cousin Elizabeth, revealing a song that speaks to each of us in a unique way, calling us to delight in the power of God to transform us and make us into everything he created us to be so we can revel in the fullness and joy of life in Christ. Taking up each line of Mary‰Ûªs declaration to Elizabeth in Luke‰Ûªs Gospel, Corbitt casts new light on the inspired text, revealing how Mary rejoiced in anticipation of bearing the Messiah, glorified God for his power and mercy, foretold how God would transform the world, and praised God‰Ûªs faithfulness to Abraham and his children. Similar to those in Unleashed and Fearless, Exalted includes resources for individual and parish group study.
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