Goulash, Garage Sales and God, by Bernadette Snyder (paperback)

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"Dear Lord, every day I hit thehighways and byways, list in hand, confident that I know where I'm going andhow to get there. But when I hit adetour or have a breakdown, I realize I'm not really in control. Remind me, Lord, not to be too dependent on"things" or routines. I shouldonly be dependent on You. Ride with me and help me remember that I am thetraveler but YOU are in the driver's seat!" From Goulash, Garage Sales & God. Captured in typical day-to-day moments, Bernadette McCarver Snyder shares with us how the simple and ordinary often turn into the extraordinary, if we are willing to look. In this collection of humorous and inspirational stories, Snyder helps us to identify with "the 'goulash' of life that can be mixed-up but delicious, the fun of finding 'treasures' in the garage or where you least expect it, and of course, the warm welcoming grace of God everywhere." (If you are trying to purchase this item and it shows as "out of stock," please call the store during business hours (512-382-1728) to double check--we are constantly re-stocking items and it simply may not have updated to the web. Thank you for your patience and patronage!)
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