History‰Ûªs Queen: Exploring Mary‰Ûªs Pivotal Role from Age to Age, by Mike Aquilina (paperback)

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The Virgin Mary‰Ûªs part in history doesn‰Ûªt begin and end with her yes to God. Popular Catholic author Mike Aquilina points out that Mary is at the center of history from creation to the end of time and everywhere in between. In History‰Ûªs Queen, you‰Ûªll learn about the many ways the mother of humanity has left her mark on the great events of time, not only as we see them in the Bible, but also in pivotal events such as Fatima, the battle of Lepanto, and the plague.In this journey through two thousand years of Mary‰Ûªs active participation in world events, each chapter of History‰Ûªs Queen highlights a Marian intervention that is emblematic of a particular era, and opens our eyes to the ways in which Mary provides a vital key for understanding both our past and our future. Mike Aquilina‰ÛÓauthor of The History of the Church in 100 Objects and editor of the Reclaiming Catholic History series‰ÛÓprovides a fresh, fascinating, and classical view of history to today‰Ûªs readers, exploring: Mary‰Ûªs centrality in the Church Fathers‰Ûª view of history; Mary‰Ûªs role in preserving Byzantium during the explosive rise of Islam; Marian devotion in medieval Ireland that inspired generations of great missionaries; Mary‰Ûªs role in military victories at Lepanto and Vienna; and the message of peace received by three shepherd children in Fatima that sustained the world through a century of unprecedented violence and apostasy.
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