Introduction to the Spiritual Life, by Louis Bouyer (paperback)

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A French convert to Catholicism in 1939, Louis Bouyer is a renowned theologian who was an influential presence at Vatican II. His classic work, Introduction to the Spiritual Life‰ÛÓfirst published in English in 1961 and now brought back into print‰ÛÓprovides readers with an inspiring and comprehensive vision of Christian spirituality that is unmatched in its warmth, lucidity, and accessibility.Introduction to the Spiritual Life is, by author Louis Bouyer‰Ûªs own description, a manual for practical use. Much more than just a work of ‰ÛÏspirituality‰Û or ‰ÛÏapologetics,‰Û it is a hybrid of both, produced with an expertise and confidence borne of a lifetime of prayer and study. It aims to cultivate interior growth through a thoughtful, reasoned meditation on the spiritual meaning of the Gospel as proclaimed by the Catholic Church. Catholics who read Introduction to the Spiritual Life will better appreciate how a life of prayer can be shaped and enriched by sound Christian doctrine. If you are trying to purchase this item and it shows as "out of stock", please call the store during business hours (512-382-1728) to double check - we are constantly re-stocking items and it simply may not have updated to the web. Thank you for your patience and patronage!
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