Reclaiming Francis: How the Saint and the Pope Are Renewing the Church, by Charles M. Murphy (paperback)

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As Pope Francis continues to call for the rebuilding of the Church, Msgr. Charles M. Murphy, author of The Spirituality of Fasting and Eucharistic Adoration, offers a timely look at what today‰Ûªs Church can learn from St. Francis of Assisi about evangelization and renewal.When Archbishop Jorge Bergoglio chose the name Francis, a renewed sense of hope and energy swept through the Church. In this timely book, Msgr. Charles M. Murphy examines the correlations between the two Francises and shows why St. Francis is an ideal model for today. Just as in St. Francis‰Ûªs time, today‰Ûªs Church can only be rebuilt and reinforced by a spiritual renewal that comes from within itself, a vision that Pope Francis carries forward in the New Evangelization. Pope Paul VI, the first modern pope to focus on evangelization, once said, ‰ÛÏPeople today listen more to witnesses than to teachers.‰Û Pope Francis knows that St. Francis is just such a witness and Murphy enlivens them both for his readers.
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