Saint Bernadette and the Miracles of Lourdes (hardcover)

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Each year, millions of people from all over the world bathe in the water of a spring in Lourdes, France. They come to pray for physical and spiritual healing and to remember a young girl who was chosen by the Mother of Jesus to draw us closer to her Son.Captivatingly illustrated with delicate mixed media‰ÛÓwatercolor, inks, gold overlays, and collage‰ÛÓthis lovely book tells the story of Saint Bernadette and the beautiful lady, the miraculous spring, and the wonders that continue to make Lourdes a sign of God's tender love for humanity, and especially for the sick. This book has a very precious look with its lovely gold overlays, and its very unique art. It has a quite different style from the other volumes in the "Life of a Saint" series. Ages 5 and up.
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