Sanctify Your Daily Life: How to Transform Work Into A Source of Strength, Holiness, and Joy, by Stefan Cardinal Wyszynski (paperback)

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Whether you‰Ûªre a monk or a manager, whether you change tires or change diapers, you can transform your work into a source of strength, holiness, and even joy ‰ÛÓ and these pages show you how. Written by St. John Paul II‰Ûªs teacher, Stefan Cardinal Wyszynski, they show you how to change any workplace into a workshop for sanctity ‰ÛÓ for yourself and for those around you. Regardless of the work you do, these pages will make your attitude better, your work easier, and your life holier. No longer will you have to struggle for holiness despite all the sorrow, stress, and trouble at work!Cardinal Wyszynski will teach you: How to avoid burn-out ‰ÛÓ at home or at the office How to pray in work, instead of merely at work. Five steps you can take How work can help you discover (and overcome) hidden character flaws Your failures on the job. What you should learn from each one of them How to develop inner peace ‰ÛÓ even amid the din of phones, kids, and machines Five steps to help you offer all of your daily tasks to God Six virtues work instills in you ‰ÛÓ when you have the right attitude! Why it‰Ûªs wrong to think that God made work a punishment for sin Office politics and family stresses ‰ÛÓ how to defuse them before they do harm The real reason copiers jam and dishwashers quit (knowing why will help you) How to make even the worst job bearable How to hang in there in hard times: perseverance, and how it can be yours Three things that cause discouragement at work ‰ÛÓ and how to eliminate them God‰Ûªs plan for the work you do, no matter how humble it may be Plus: dozens of ways to make your attitude better, your work easier, and your life holier
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