The First Christmas, by Thomas Williams (hardcover)

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Lovingly illustrated by celebrated artist Frank Fraser, Thomas D. Williams‰Ûªs magnificent poem First Christmas tells of the monumental event that Christians have celebrated for more than two thousand years: the birth of Jesus in a stable in Bethlehem.Replete with glorious angels, joyful shepherds, indifferent townspeople, humble kings, delightful donkeys, cattle, sheep, and, of course, Joseph, Mary, and the adorable baby Jesus, these sublime pages leave Santa Claus behind and bring to vivid life the tender, moving, true story of Christmas. If you love the classic poem ‰ÛÏTwas the Night Before Christmas,‰Û you‰Ûªll treasure First Christmas and place it at the center of your family‰Ûªs annual Christmas celebrations.
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