The Life of St. Therese of Lisieux: The Original Biography Comissioned by Her Sister, by August Pierre Laveille (paperback)

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This remarkable biography of ThÌ©r̬se of Lisieux, one of the most popular Catholic saints of all time, was commissioned by her sister and religious superior and was the first published in English in 1928. Msgr. August Pierre Laveille was able to portray ThÌ©r̬se, as well as her parents ZÌ©lie and Louis who were canonized in 2015, with exquisite detail, having interviewed those who knew them best.When the autobiography of the life of ThÌ©r̬se of Lisieux, Story of a Soul, was first published a year after her death in 1898, the response was immediate and overwhelming, with tens of thousands of copies of her book sold in just a few short months. It was decided that an official biography should be written from the documents that had been gathered on the life of ThÌ©r̬se Martin, whose cause for canonization was taken up without the customary fifty year waiting period. First published in French in 1925, the first English edition became available in 1928. This exhaustive record of the life of one of the most beloved of all Catholic saints includes biographical information about her parents and grandparents, her early years at home, her years in the cloister, her illness and death, and information about the miracles attributed to her after her death, when she made good the promise on her deathbed that she would ‰ÛÏspend her heaven doing good on earth.‰Û
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