What Does God Want: A Practical Guide to Making Deceisons, by Michael Scanlan (paperback)

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How to make good ‰ÛÓ and Godly ‰ÛÓ decisions Should you take that job? Pursue that relationship? Buy that house? What Does God Want? gives you the tools you need to overcome your doubts and make wise choices . . . all in accordance with God‰Ûªs will. Here Fr. Michael Scanlan, former president of the Franciscan University of Steubenville, lays out for you the five critical questions you must answer as you wrestle with important ‰ÛÒ but naggingly difficult ‰ÛÒ decisions that keep you up at night. Should you have that risky operation? Move mom into a nursing home? Report your son‰Ûªs marijuana to the police? Over the decades, Fr. Scanlan‰Ûªs five simple questions have helped generations of his colleagues, students, and friends penetrate to the very heart of countless hard problems like these, leading them to wise solutions . . . and welcome peace. From Father Scanlan you‰Ûªll learn: How you must pray before making serious decisions. How to discover your real motives for preferring certain solutions . The role that intuition should ‰ÛÒ and should not ‰ÛÒ play in your decisions. How to determine if that still, small voice is God speaking to you . . . or the Devil! ‰ÛÏSigns‰Û confirming your choices: are they really from God or just wishful thinking? Learn here how to tell. And much more to help you grow in love for God‰Ûªs holy will and make good ‰ÛÒ and Godly ‰ÛÒ decisions!
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