Will Wilder: The Lost Staff of Wonders, by Raymond Arroyo (hardcover)

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‰ÛÏOpen the cover, fasten your seat belt, and get ready for a rip-roaring ride!‰Û ‰ÛÓRidley Pearson, author of the New York Times bestselling series Kingdom KeepersWill Wilder is back to protect the town of Perilous Falls from another ancient evil‰ÛÓthe fearsome demon, Amon, in this series that‰Ûªs been described as having ‰ÛÏshades of Indiana Jones and Percy Jackson‰Û (Booklist). When the storied Staff of Moses‰ÛÓresponsible for summoning the plagues of ancient Egypt‰ÛÓvanishes from the museum in Perilous Falls, Will Wilder is suspect number one. Desperate to prove his innocence and stop the thief from unleashing terrors upon the town of Perilous Falls, Will must use his supernatural gift to locate the beast‰ÛÓbut it‰Ûªs nowhere to be found. As the river runs with blood, sharp-toothed frogs surround his home, and clouds of swarming gnats choke the streets, Will must rely on his supernatural ability, everything he learned from his training, and help from his friends, siblings, and Great-Aunt Lucille to find the missing staff and unmask the hidden evil before time runs out for all of them.
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