About us

Credo Catholic is a family owned, independent Catholic Bookstore founded with a primary mission:  to provide Christians with widespread access to authentically Catholic books, goods and other products in an effort to not only evangelize and catechize, but also provide answers to commonly held misconceptions and mis-impressions of Christ’s Church.  Through a careful eye in ordering inventory, along with a focus on tapping into independent Catholic artisans, authors and artists, Credo Catholic is much more than your typical “brick and mortar” retail bookstore.  Whether it be through our website (www.credocatholic.com), at our storefront just outside of Austin, Texas (over 3000 square feet of space) or at a Credo Catholic event, you should never feel like you are “shopping” in our store– your experience should be an adventure in your faith, with hopefully a little bit of learning along the way.  Our Catholic faith, our universal faith, is rich, ancient, intellectually consistent… authentic… and we believe that your Catholic Bookstore should reflect that rock-solid and absolutely unique assembly of characteristics.

Our promise to you is that you will not only have access to authentically Catholic books and goods, but that you will have someone to talk to and ask questions of–  the inventory in our store was literally hand-picked by our owners, with the prayerful intent of providing personalized offerings that are not thrown on a shelf as a display, but rather are a true reflection of the deeply rich experience of the Catholic faith.  Likewise, if you are looking for a book or product that we do not carry, or have a question that we do not know a helpful answer to, you have our commitment to find the answer and give you a response… even if it may be something you…or we… do not want to hear.

We believe in Christ’s one, holy, Catholic and apostolic Church.  We are all called to further His Kingdom.  Credo Catholic is a small step– part of our step– to further that ultimate goal.