Divine Renovation Guidebook: A Step By Step Manual for Transforming Your Parish, by Fr. James Mallon (paperback)

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224 pages8.5‰Û x 11‰Û In his game-changing book Divine Renovation, Fr. James Mallon offers a blueprint for parishes to go beyond maintaining their buildings and meeting the needs of their parishioners. He believes the key to being a Church that is alive and relevant is for parishes to embrace their mission, which is to make disciples. This companion volume provides the tools parishes need to succeed with this mission. This step-by-step guidebook for transforming your parish is packed full of information, ideas and examples, and it‰Ûªs doable. It contains many charts and graphics where you can put pen to paper and work out your own goals and vision. With energy, encouragement, humor and deeply rooted faith, Fr. Mallon leads parish ministry leaders through the steps they need to take to effectively bring people to Jesus and his Church.
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