It‰Ûªs Good to Be Here: A Disabled Woman‰Ûªs Reflections on God in the Flesh and the sacred Wonder of Being Human, by Christina Chase (paperback)

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‰ÛÏI can‰Ûªt walk; I can‰Ûªt sit up straight; I can‰Ûªt feed myself. If you and I meet, the first thing you notice will be my body crumpled in a wheelchair. Once I could at least sit up, but now my weak neck is bent over and my spine bent so much that my head falls heavily upon my left shoulder and my hunched back.‰ÛSo writes Christina Chase, the twenty-first century ThÌ©r̬se of Lisieux whose ‰ÛÏlittleness‰Û is humbler even than that of the Little Flower, but whose spiritual power is, by every discernible measure, of comparable intensity. Crippled though she is, Christina‰Ûªs fearful disabilities have led her not into anger, bitterness, or despair, but rather into a profound and exceptional encounter with God‰Ûªs love itself‰ÛÓan encounter that you, too, can experience through the gentle allure of Christina‰Ûªs witness. Locked now for decades within her own fragile, helpless body, Christina has been graced with extraordinary insights into the similar helplessness of Jesus, the majestic King of the Universe, who, when born of the Virgin Mary, became just like Christina today‰ÛÓunable to feed Himself or even lift His head. From that littleness ‰ÛÒ hers and His ‰ÛÒ Christina here draws forth a marvelous wisdom that shows that as creatures, we are all, in one sense or another, paralyzed. None of us can exist apart from limitations and boundaries. None of us can walk through this life unaided. In the presence of God, not a single one of us can even stand. But no matter! For out of infinite love for us and to save us, Jesus chose to join us in our littleness, exposing Himself to the limitations of time and space and circumstance, even unto His death on the Cross. The sweet sufferer Christina has assimilated this saving truth, which shines forth from these consoling pages for all of humanity to feel. Read these pages by wheelchair-bound Christina to discover how much Jesus loves you, no matter how little and crippled you are, spiritually or otherwise. Yes, He loves you! Meditating on this stunning fact yields a joy that transcends the greatest physical or mental suffering ‰ÛÒ a joy that is Christina‰Ûªs, despite her abject physical state, and a joy that can, with the help of these pages, be yours as well.
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