MarÌ_a en la Fe CatÌ_lica, by Timothy Matovina (paperback)

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Devotion to the Blessed Mother is at the heart of Hispanic Catholicism. Timothy Matovina, chairman of the theology department at the University of Notre Dame and former codirector of the Institute for Latino Studies, offers a short introduction to the important role of Mary in Catholic faith. This new addition to Ave Maria Press‰Ûªs Recursos para el ministerio hispano series provides lay ministers, catechists, and others in ministry with a grounding in contemporary theology about Mary that is necessary for pastoral ministry.Hispanic Catholics have a deep devotion to Mary and rightly understand her as their model of faith, their intercessor, and their loving mother who cares for them throughout their lives. With clarity, pastoral wisdom, and personal warmth, Timothy Matovina draws on his experience of Latino culture and decades of working directly with parishes that have large Hispanic populations to provide a cogent introduction to the place of Mary in faith and theology. Five chapters present Mary in the gospels; the four Marian dogmas; contemporary teaching of the Church; devotion, the liturgy, and the communion of the saints; and Hispanic spirituality. Each chapter contains suggestions for additional reading in the scriptures and official Church documents. Questions for discussion and reflection are also included. While many Spanish-language resources are imported from other countries, this book emerges from the pastoral reality of Hispanic Catholics in the United States.
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