On My Way Home: A Hospice Nurse‰Ûªs Journey with Terminal Cancer, by Joyce Hutchinson (paperback)

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Joyce Hutchison, a pioneer in the hospice movement who twice chronicled her work as an oncology nurse in the popular books May I Walk You Home? and Now That You've Gone Home, reveals her own journey with lung cancer as her death approaches in On My Way Home. Hutchison shares not only the heartbreak and pain she experienced in these last years of her life, but also her continued sense of God walking with her during these challenging times.In sixteen brief chapters Hutchison, a pioneer in the hospice movement, gives an account of the physical, emotional, and mental challenges of each step of her journey: when chemo made her dreadfully sick, when her emotions fluctuated wildly in a matter of minutes, how she felt when people told her she looked so good. She shares how her sense of humor helped her cope with the weariness of yet another procedure and the isolation that accompanies cancer. Her account includes not only the story of her illness, but also how she responded when her second husband left their marriage and when her daughter was diagnosed with cancer, too. Despite her suffering, Hutchison held fast to faith. Supported by her family and friends, she tells how she experienced God‰Ûªs love in a new way. A foreword and afterword by Joyce Rupp, Hutchison‰Ûªs writing partner on her two previous books, provide context for the book and relate the circumstances of Hutchison‰Ûªs death on May 7, 2016, and the Mass of the Resurrection that followed.
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