Prophets III: Hosea, Joel, Amos, Obadiah, Jonah, Micah, Nahum, Habakkuk, Zephaniah, HAggai, Zechariah, Malachi, by WIlliam Anderson (paperback)

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Surrounded by military and political threats, the people of Israel were led into dangerous alliances and war. Survivors were subjected to steep taxation, exile, intermarriage, and more, and loyalty to God diminished. With the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem by the Babylonians, all faith seemed lost.Enter the minor prophets, bringers of oracles, parables, and poems named ‰ÛÏminor‰Û not for their lack of significance but for the briefness of their texts. Like Jonah in the fish, they confess sin and foresee judgment but emerge from the darkness to tell of forgiveness, restoration, abundant blessings, and salvation. Like the Temple, which was rebuilt, the loyalty of the Lord will grow and prosper.
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