The Reason for the Seasons: Why Christians Celebrate What and When They Do, by James Schall (paperback)

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We can‰Ûªt be joyful without knowing why we should be joyful.That‰Ûªs why celebrated Catholic author James V. Schall, S.J.,‰ÛÒ the thinking man‰Ûªs priest‰ÛÒ presents these short but powerful chapters on the most important and joyful feasts of the Church‰Ûªs liturgical year.With Fr. Schall as your guide, you‰Ûªll come to understand more deeply the point of each celebration. You‰Ûªll learn truths about the feasts that will awaken you to real joy,as you consider Christmas, Easter, Pentecost, All Saints‰Ûª Day, and All Souls‰Ûª Day, as well as the End Times that we encounter in the last Sundays of the liturgical year. Rather than being encyclopedic discussions of each of the feasts, these penetrating reflections generally point to something astonishingly new that you missed before, something of the meaning and depth of each feast that is almost always passed over unnoticed, except by those who think long and deeply about them. In any one of these discussions, you‰Ûªll find never-ending causes of insight into what we are and who God is. In a word, this powerful ‰ÛÒ and delightful ‰ÛÒ book affords you an enormous opportunity to consider anew the great truths of our Faith handed down to us by our beloved Mother Church, and that each year are celebrated in Her Feasts.
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