Turtle on the Fencepost: Finding Faith Through Doubt, by Richard Petterson (paperback)

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"If you see a turtle sitting on a fencepost, you can bet he didn't get there by himself!"It is not uncommon for our journey of faith to be bumpy, filled with questions and doubt. In Turtle on the Fencepost, Richard Patterson calls out the sources of our doubts and helps us to see that we can grow deeper in our experience with faith by embracing, questioning, and even encouraging our doubts. We are always looking for turtles on fenceposts--signs pointing us to a deeper truth or a more dynamic relationship with God. In order to journey toward a genuine faith, we must constantly challenge ourselves and face our questions with courage that God will strengthen us and continue to show us signs of His presence to point the way. (If you are trying to purchase this item and it shows as "out of stock," please call the store during business hours (512-382-1728) to double check--we are constantly re-stocking items and it simply may not have updated to the web. Thank you for your patience and patronage!)
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