Unmasking Mother Teresa‰Ûªs Critics. by Bill Donohue (paperback)

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Mother Teresa‰Ûªs canonization has brought fresh attention to her critics who malign her for the politicians she knew, for how she handled the enourmous sums of money she raised, and for the quality of care she offered those she served.Christopher Hitchens claimed she was ‰ÛÏless interested in helping the poor than in using them . . . to fuel the expansion of her fundamentalist Roman Catholic beliefs.‰Û A group of Canadian academics criticized her in their study for ‰ÛÏher rather dubious way of caring for the sick, her questionable political contacts . . . and her overly dogmatic views regarding abortion, contraception, and divorce.‰Û Now comes Bill Donohue, the indefatigable President of the Catholic League, who is fighting back. In this carefully researched book, Donohue pulls the curtain back on Mother Teresa‰Ûªs critics, showing that virtually all of them shared an abiding disdain for Catholicism. Her critics were militant atheists, Donohue explains, and strongly embraced socialism, viewing Mother Teresa‰Ûªs work as a deterrent to government-controlled programs. In these pages, Donahue responds point-by-point to all of her critics claims, and proves that their attacks on her are motivated almost entirely by her conviction that life begins in the womb. Don‰Ûªt let Mother Teresa‰Ûªs critics win. Read this book, and be armed with all the evidence you need to put to rest those cruel myths that are being promoted by those who wish to destroy the legacy of one of the Church‰Ûªs most admired saints.
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