Word Made Flesh: A Companion to the Sunday Readings (Cycle B), by Christopher West (paperback)

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One of the most influential and fastest-growing movements in the Church today is centered on St. John Paul II‰Ûªs Theology of the Body, of whose teachings Christopher West is the preeminent translator for a popular audience. In Word Made Flesh: A Companion to the Sunday Readings (Cycle B), West offers reflections on an entire cycle of Sunday Mass readings through the lens of TOB, providing a fresh way to process and act on the Good News by orienting our desires for union with God with our understanding of ourselves and our relationships with others.Wearing John Paul II‰Ûªs ‰ÛÏspousal lenses,‰Û Christopher West, president of the Theology of the Body Institute, takes us on a tour of the Sunday readings throughout the liturgical year and opens their hidden meaning, allowing God‰Ûªs word to take flesh in our own lives. Word Made Flesh‰Ûø can be used as a weekly devotional, as preparation for Sunday Mass, or to aid priests or deacons in preparing their homilies. West provides an overview of the TOB‰Ûªs main teachings and an explanation of how they brilliantly illuminate the whole story of salvation from Genesis to Revelation. He offers distinctive reflections each week that naturally and deeply connect with the human experience of living with body and soul in the world while also contemplating the nature of the glorified body in the eternal kingdom to come.
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