Worthy is the Lamb: The Biblical Roots of the Mass, by Thomas Nash (paperback)

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In this exciting book Thomas Nash refutes the common charge that the Mass is ‰ÛÏunbiblical‰Û in a resoundingly biblical fashion. From the Garden of Eden to Christ's Ascension, the biblical roots of the Mass go much deeper than the Last Supper and Christ's Passion. Old Testament sacrifices like Abel‰Ûªs, Abraham‰Ûªs and the Passover all prefigure and are fulfilled by Christ's Sacrifice, which is made present in the Sacrifice of the Mass. What began on the Cross culminated in everlasting glory when Jesus entered ‰ÛÏonce for all‰Û into the heavenly holy of holies, as the Letter to the Hebrews provides. In a time when the Catholic Church is under attack from within and without, Worthy is the Lamb reminds the faithful that the Mass is, as Vatican II affirms, ‰ÛÏthe source and summit of the whole Christian life.‰Û This book will transform your understanding of and participation in the Mass. (If you are trying to purchase this item and it shows as "out of stock," please call the store during business hours (512-382-1728) to double check--we are constantly re-stocking items and it simply may not have updated to the web. Thank you for your patience and patronage!)
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